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Senior algorithm engineer
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Major Requirements

Majored in Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, etc.

Job Description

Job responsibilities:

1. To study how to generate effective massive data samples using machine learning/deep learning algorithms;

2. To study more efficient deep learning neural network models, as well as improvement methods for model compression and transplant effect;

3. To participate in domestic and international competitions related to deep learning and vision, and submit academic papers in well-known journals.


Position requirements:

1. Doctoral degree or above in computer, mathematics, electronics and other related specialties;

2. Proficient in the principles of the latest deep learning image processing algorithms commonly used and able to carry out innovative optimization, and skilled in applying various deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Caffe, and Torch;

3. Good logical thinking ability and able to read and write English papers proficiently;

4. Candidate who have published high-level academic papers in relevant fields and participated in relevant international competitions and obtained the top places are preferred.


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Email for resume : (Shenzhen); and (Wuhan).

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Shenzhen: 0755-83849888

Wuhan: 027-87288298

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