With a low-power embedded deep learning exclusive processor with a brand-new architecture based on AI deep learning algorithms, the product can output judgment results directly through the intelligent analysis front-end processing technology. It has algorithms for tailgating detection, or avoiding electric vehicles in communities and climbing over carrier gates.

Product features


Intelligent video anti-tailgating terminal

The product has advanced embedded design and employs AI algorithm and deep learning.

It has an industry-leading accuracy rate for tailgating detection, an accuracy rate up to 99% for alarms and a false alarm rate of 0.01% at most.

Through corresponding algorithms, it can realize tailgating detection and avoid electric vehicles in communities, and climbing over carrier gates.

It can monitor people’s passing through the carrier gates intelligently to reduce the labors needed.

It can have a single-view configuration for a smaller cost, or a dual-view configuration for a larger monitoring range and a higher accuracy of monitoring.

With a small volume and a light weight, it can be conveniently installed on a ceiling or a passage support.

It supports automatic recording of events for viewing by property management staff.

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Application scenario

Border(Immigration) Inspection
Border(Immigration) Inspection
Border(Immigration) Inspection