Based on new-generation technologies such as AI, IoT, and automatic control, the product meets customs’ monitoring demands for the luggage of inbound and outbound passengers. It has essential functions such as tallying by means of code scanning, luggage weighing, comparison on the same screen, intelligent image interpretation, automatic sorting, mode switching, visual monitoring for equipment status, and remote fault diagnosis and is characterized by uniform information, scientific planning and accurate sorting. Through the independently developed X-ray intelligent image interpretation technology, it helps customs officers improve the accuracy rate and efficiency of contraband recognition; through its function of visual monitoring for equipment status, it enables users to know the equipment status in real time and conveniently; through its function of remote fault diagnosis, it can monitor the equipment online remotely, making its operation and maintenance convenient.

Product features


Intelligent online inspection system for customs

Comparison on the same screen

Dynamic weighing

Intelligent sorting

No interference

Efficient and energy-saving operation

Interface compatibility

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Application scenario

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