Through the intelligent algorithm based deep learning technology, the product can realize intelligent image interpretation for the security inspection images taken by X-ray machines and recognize more than 100 contrabands of 9 categories, including corrosives, explosives, infectious articles, spontaneously combustible articles, flammable solids, flammable liquids, moisture-sensitive flammable articles, organic superoxides, oxidants, toxic articles, toxic gases, illegal magazines, illegal audio and video products, illegal branded goods and so on (some contrabands need corresponding detection equipment). It has advantages including high accuracy, efficiency and stability, informatization, smart technologies, big data analysis, etc.

Product features


Intelligent image interpretation terminal

Excellent recognition: Real-time recognition of contrabands (default sample size: more than 100 ones) in fields like customs, frontier inspection stations, freight depots, and rail transit

Applications: Land ports, rail transit, wharfs, airports, express companies, public security bureaus, procuratorates, courts and justice bureaus, medical service places, public place, etc.

 Performance indexes: Compatibility with main X-ray machines on the market; recognition speed: ≦500ms; total detection rate: ≥95%; total false alarm rate: ≦3%

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