The product is a multi-task embedded system with the following control modes: light off, light flashing, all red, stepping, phase jump, long-red long-green, timer control, fully-actuated signal control, semi-actuated signal control, cableless linking control, actuated main street coordinate control, pedestrian crossing control, dynamic pattern choosing, public transport priority, emergency priority, etc.  With compatibility to coil detectors, geomagnetic detectors, video infrared detectors, it can acquire on-site traffic data continuously and accurately, save them locally, connect to variable message signs directly and provide the traffic information of entrances and exits of road sections and expressways.

 Product features


Traffic signal controller 

Product certification: In compliant with the applicable national standards and the standards recommended by The Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China

Software functions: Remote monitoring and control, remote parameter setting, cableless linking control through green wave, actuated signal control, time-of-day coordinated control, manual control, etc.

Fault detection: green conflict, red light off, and red light and green light simultaneously on

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Application scenario

City Intersection
City Intersection
City Intersection