MVNT-1122 is a highly localized intelligent real-time container monitoring device, which uses low-power intelligent video monitoring technology and features long standby time, small product size, high monitoring efficiency, excellent environmental applicability, and wide application. Functions such as automatic detection of illegal intrusion are specifically designed to achieve security, and the product is rain-proof, vibration-proof, and has excellent temperature adaptability, and night vision. It overcomes the limitations of traditional intelligent locks in terms of non-real-time monitoring, intuitive monitoring, round-the-clock monitoring, and historical information tracking, so that the container in-transit monitoring is stricter, safer, and more efficient.



Shipping container in-transit monitoring

Container in-transit monitoring

5G transmission, GPS + Beidou

Real-time monitoring

Security protection, solar power supply

Outdoor use, panoramic image stitching

Proximity detection and damage alarm



GPS and Beidou

Communication interface

Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G/5G, USB, etc.

Panoramic monitoring

Real-time monitoring by three cameras

Real-time feed

Through 5G module, the location, images and alarm information can be sent back

Electronic fence alarm

Set up electronic fence; when crossing the fence, it gives an alarm; fast and accurate positioning in canyons, under overpass and other places with weak signals

Abnormity warning

Intelligently detects abnormal vibration, prying and drop of the equipment; monitoring of vehicle emergency brake, overspeed, damage or disassembly of lock bar, housing, switches, etc., and sends back the alarm information to the platform in case of abnormal circumstances

Battery capacity


Operating environment

Operating temperature: - 20℃ ~ 60℃, storage temperature: - 30℃ ~ 70℃, relative humidity: 10% RH ~ 95% RH

Product size

 300 mm × 150 mm × 100 mm

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Application scenario

Remote Location
Remote Location
Remote Location


 Long-distance Transport
Long-distance Transport
Long-distance Transport