As an intelligent self-service inspection passage developed for health information inspections for inbound and outbound passengers in epidemic prevention and control, the product is mainly used for the health declaration and inspections of passengers.Only by having their electronic QR codes generated by the health declaration system or their other valid certificates scanned on it can passengers finish customs clearance inspections quickly. If the declared information of any passenger is found abnormal, the monitoring screen will display an alarm of the corresponding type and have it followed up manually. It can be used with the health declaration application of the “Customs Passenger Fingertip Service” APP to realize self-service health declaration verification for passengers. Particularly, it can alarm accurately after finding any passenger with an abnormal temperature, abnormal declared information, coming from any high-risk area or any area under surveillance, etc.

Product features


Customs declaration verification passage

Non-perceptible temperature measurement

Contactless inspection


Alarming upon abnormalities

Intelligent diversion

Risk surveillance

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Application scenario

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