For a good boarding environment and life safety for passengers, Civil Aviation Administration of China specifies that each passenger needs to have his carry-on hand luggage inspected before boarding.Our independently developed intelligent passenger security inspection system can unify luggage inspection information, plan inspection flows scientifically and inspect the accurate sorting of luggage.It can collect empty trays and reinspect luggage automatically, acquire and store the essential information about “passengers, luggage, images and certificates” to associate “them one by one”, reduce the waiting time of passengers by planning for the inspection routes properly, sort out suspicious luggage automatically, send back empty trays and luggage automatically, reducing the labor cost.It can be optically provided with a deep UV disinfection device for effective and quick sterilization and disinfection for trays to prevent the risk of cross infection due to passengers’ contact with trays.

Product features


Intelligent Passenger Security Inspection System

Passenger and luggage binding

Diversion of suspicious luggage

Disinfection device

Low manual work

Quick customs clearance

Empty tray detection

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