With an integrated hood, the product supports snapshot triggered by video, coil, radar, laser, etc. Based on intelligent algorithms for license plate recognition, vehicle color recognition, vehicle type recognition, vehicle-logo recognition, face detection, and no safety belt bearing, it can detect and records illegal acts such as running a red light, not driving on the expected lane, overspeed, driving on a full line, reverse driving, turning left or right or driving straightly when not expected, driving on a single yellow line or double yellow lines, illegal parking, and driving on an exclusive lane when not expected. It can be widely used at the entrances and exits of urban roads, express ways, expressways, bridges, tunnels, and other important areas.

Product features


 Cameras of E-police/e-checkpoint

 License plate recognition, vehicle model recognition, and vehicle color recognition

Vehicle-logo recognition, and vehicle subsidiary brand recognition

 E-police mode: For detecting illegal acts such as reverse driving, running a red light, not driving as guided, overspeed/underspeed, motor vehicle’ driving on a non-motor vehicle lane, not abiding by the traffic restrictions based on the last digit of license plate numbers, illegal turning round, and unexpected occupation of emergency lanes

E-checkpoint: For driver/passenger face snapshot, and detecting illegal acts such as making or answering phone calls in driving, and not bearing safety belt

Embedded polarizer: Clear imaging in daylight and at night

Traffic shaping: Accurate control for instantaneous burst of video codes, ensuring smooth video play without packet loss

 Intelligent light supplementation: Less light pollution

Self-adaptive backlight: Through-fog self-adaption

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Application scenario

Intelligent Monitoring and Recording System
Intelligent Monitoring and Recording System
Intelligent Monitoring and Recording System


Electronic Police
Electronic Police
Electronic Police