Sound upgrading and development of the system integration industry
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Sound upgrading and development of the system integration industry



With industrialization and networking of security protection, system integrators are becoming more and more important. Some solution suppliers growing from manufacturers are powerful competitors for system integrators. Therefore, system integrators can realize sound industrial upgrading only by seizing the market opportunities, strengthening the development of solutions for the industry and providing unique operating and service capability.

The system integration market has been growing quickly; however, the law of survival of the fittest lacks in the market mechanism of the system integration industry, which is not good for sound upgrading and adjustment of the industry. Therefore, it is difficult to cultivate large enterprises, improve service quality (due to disordered competition), deepen the application environment of the whole industry and enhance technologies of the whole industry.

Conventional system integrators must transform their services for long-time stable growth in the industry. Project management, conversion of technologies and services into products and consulting sales are all important for system integrators. The emphasis is probably different for different enterprises; however, different technical strengths and service capability of different enterprises result in different prices. Quality application software and unique operating and service capability are the main contents really attracting customers, but they are difficult for some manufacturers and small system integrators. With the market development, a lot of large system integrators have been improving their service levels and technical maturity and a minority of them have owned their independently developed core technologies, guaranteeing relatively more stable customers for them. Therefore, the key to occupy the market is to seize the market opportunities, strengthen the development of solutions for the industry and provide unique operating and service capability.

Although the numerous solutions launched by large manufacturers have resulted in an impact on the system integration market to some extent, the conventional system integration service integrates with software development and the management service of large projects as well with the progress of informatization, the integrated service capability of the system integrators with capability of management of large projects and independent software development will have an increasingly obvious competition advantage in the industry.

Since our founding in 1997, we has been following the development law of market economy, keeping pace with market demands, strengthening independent technical innovations, summing up our experience in large projects and optimizing our service structure, thus forming our unique core competiveness, strengthening our profitability and completion advantages and keeping sustainable and sound growth.