Advance with “robots”
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Advance with “robots”


“With the economical upgrading and population dividend weakening in China, the industrial robots in China will come to its key period of development”, said an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering on the “Smart Manufacturing and Robots” academician forum on the 16th China High-tech Fair held on November 16, 2014. According to the academicians on the forum, the robot development in China should take a rod with Chinese characteristics.



“At present, robots are used in more and more applications and have increasingly higher intelligence in the world”, said Cai Hegao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. According to him, robots include industrial robots and service robots according to their fields of application and industrial robots have been selected as a key industry of the country. According to Xiong Youlun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the total installed capacity of the industrial robots in China is witnessing an annual growth rate of 17%, much higher than the global average growth rate (9%). “The market scale of industrial robots is huge and it is estimated to be 11.4 billion yuan when the industrial robot level of our country has reached the world’s advanced level”, said him.



According to Cai Hegao, viewed from its economy, China is growing from a “big manufacturing country” into a “powerful manufacturing country”, needing a significant increase of the percent of robots in the industrial manufacturing. “The dividend weakening is weakening; low-cost labors is facing structured deficiency; the labor costs of enterprises have an annual increase rate of 10% or so. All of these factors have made the manufacturing and application of robots urgent”, said him.



At present, the robot industries in the world are making big investments in the researches of the common technologies of robots. Viewed from the trends of robot technologies, robots are increasingly more intelligent and diversified. In detail, the trends of robot development lie in the following aspects: robots’ operating mechanisms, control systems, sensing technologies, network communication function, remote control and monitoring technologies, virtual reality technology, performance-cost ratios and multi-agent control technology. It is a new field of robot researches at present, covering multi agents’ groups architecture, mutual communication and consultation mechanisms, perception and learning methods, modeling, planning, group behavior control, etc.


Advance with “robots”


We convert robot technologies into products quickly by adhering to independent innovation in the design and application of robots and training and arousing the innovation ability of scientific and technological talents on the basis of the rapidly growing economy and policy support of Shenzhen and has realized some successful applications. We have set the “robot” industry as a strategy. In future, we will increase our research investments based on our nearly two decades of experience in the research and manufacturing of automatic control systems (products). In our history, we attract excellent employees through advanced technologies and stable growth and train employees with help of a modern corporate culture to improve our scientific and technological innovation ability, making it easier to realize our values. The values of enterprises need to be realized on the market. On the new market of robots in China, we will act in a more open, flexible and innovative way for another great scientific and technological progress.