“Cloud” technologies of Maxvision
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“Cloud” technologies of Maxvision



With the development of communication technologies, governments are building safe cities vigorously. An important part in the construction of safe cities is collection of numerous decentralized information through the Internet. Monitoring videos are the main source of information. With progress of the construction of safe cities, there are videos of better image quality and bigger image sizes and corresponding more video lines, putting forward a demand for storage of BP level. The conventional SAN or NAS has bottlenecks in capacity and performance extension. To solve this problem, new concept cloud storage has been proposed. It is actually a storage system realizing cooperative operation between evenly distributed storage devices of different types and with functions of storage and management, providing service interfaces for information sharing.



As an emerging technology, the cloud storage in video monitoring needs to overcome the oversize control granularity and low utilization of storage resources in the NVR or CVR stacking mode and the operating load bottleneck of Chuangtong storage servers, in a bid to maximize the effect of each whole video monitoring system.



The virtualization technology can be used to make storage resources completely transparent and integrate basic storage units, thus realizing reasonable utilization and optimal integration for storage resources. Through cloud storage, greater access capability and higher utilization can be realized for the massive video data intelligently integrated in data system.



In consideration of the requirement for high definitions and full coverage of monitoring systems, there are risks of additional investments, resource waste and restriction of service resources. In cloud storage, management centers are allowed to break up each of numerous whole storage nodes into parts to finish a service logic together. In the load balancing strategy, user requests are processed by the cloud storage nodes with smaller workloads and the cloud storage nodes with greater workloads accept smaller service requests, enabling all cloud storage nodes in a storage system to operate in a coordinative way to maximize effect of the storage system.



In addition to conventional personal identification, bottom layer system security and physical security challenge, cloud storage still have unique security challenges such as the integrity, confidentiality, availability, remote authentication and access privacy of the user data of cloud storage, continuous attacks for the cloud storage service suppliers, the network attacks and password cracking by criminals, etc.


“Cloud” technologies of Maxvision



Based on our more than ten years of experience in the intelligence industry and up-to-date technologies such as cloud computing and Internet of Things, we provide intelligent system solutions for the intelligent operation and control in multiple fields such as smart ports, smart cities, intelligent transportation, public security, e-government, smart buildings, smart parks, smart education and smart education, thus changing manual control into smart automatic control, post-action control into pre-action prevention, and human-to-human service into material-to-human service. In the era with quickly developing science and technologies, we are a master of the cutting-edge technologies about informatization and form our unique core competitiveness by innovating and digesting informatization technologies and making our technical advantage to use informatization technologies such as cloud computing into systems and products. We will be an excellent supplier of cloud technologies in future.