“Sharp eye for traffic”: Maxvision intelligent transportation management platform
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The intelligent transportation system in a city needs a management platform for its realization. In order to solve the conflict between insufficient road resources in cities and the quickly increasing car ownership, manage cities effectively, prevent and fight against crimes and create service-oriented cities, we have launched the new MV3000 intelligent transportation management platform. Based on overall integration of the services related to traffic management design, the platform is actually an overall service management platform for traffic management, realizing information exchange and sharing, quick reaction and uniform command.



The platform integrates service systems related to smart junction monitoring, electronic police, video monitoring and so on, unifies user interfaces and realizes single-screen and multi-screen display, providing convenience for the work of command centers, related polices, etc. In addition, it can provide special public security services such as network based collection of warning signals and suspected information, case judgment and vehicle tracking, giving play to the resource integration advantage of the network. Its functions includes junction management, violation management, security monitoring, search monitoring, intelligent analysis, etc.

“Sharp eye for traffic”: Maxvision intelligent transportation management platform



Junction management and violation management, highlighted functions of the platform, are popular among users in practical application.



In the junction management function, the platform displays information of the passing vehicles on roads in real time, classifies the monitoring frontends by road intersection and lane name and displays them in a list. In addition, it can make inquiries about the illegal vehicles among the real-time records of passing cars and display the attribute information of vehicles (such as numbers and pictures of license plates, vehicle speeds, associated videos and routes).


“Sharp eye for traffic”: Maxvision intelligent transportation management platform



In the violation management function, the platform supports inquiries about all the vehicles at a road intersection in a period through the violation management page by setting inquiry conditions and classifies the records of these vehicles according to legal or illegal driving and the type of legal driving. This function includes modules for manual entry, violation audits, audit inquiries, payment due to violations, etc.

“Sharp eye for traffic”: Maxvision intelligent transportation management platform



The platform is characterized by high-level and overall integration and diversified functions. Its advantages are digital and intelligent management that fruits in better quality and efficiency of the work of traffic management authorities, quicker response and greater road control, serving as a smart “sharp eye for traffic” and laying a solid foundation for information sharing.



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