Cooperating with Shenzhen Customs to start the new era of “e-channels for Customs”
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Cooperating with Shenzhen Customs to start the new era of “e-channels for Customs”

The e-channels for customs independently developed and produced by us began to serve Shenzhen Customs on January 10, 2017, starting the new era of “e-channels for customs” for the passengers at Futian, Luohu and Shenzhen Bay.



Each e-channel for customs is actually a smart customs clearance facility integrating a passenger identification device, a smart face recognition device and interfaces reserved for external devices such as a self-service declaration terminal and acquiring passengers’ identity and customs clearance information in real time by means of automated card reading, face recognition and digital information scanning during customs clearance. It makes the customs clearance of ordinary passengers convenient, provides a new means of law enforcement by customs, fight against lawbreakers and changes the conventional monitoring mode of “red channel and green channel, spot check at the big channel” in passenger inspections to meet the passenger monitoring demand of modern customs.

   Powerful functions: It can identify an identity document such as Pass, Home Return Permit, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents or passport within 3 seconds, and finish risk verification and decide to open a channel or sound an alarm within 6 seconds.

Convenient operation: It plays a cartoon in a rolling way on the front-end display. It has positions for identity documents of different sizes.

 Automatic identification: It identifies passengers of different types automatically, manages them by type. The inspection rate for –high-risk passengers is higher; the inspection rate for law-abiding passengers that are most of passengers is low. Customs inspectors do not make manual spot checks according to their experience any longer and law-abiding passengers can pass through channels smoothly.

Fight against “parallel traders”: It can be linked with a customs risk analysis system to serve as a new powerful means against “parallel traders”, making customs clearance more convenient.


 Before: Previously, the ports of Futian, Luohu and Shenzhen Bay used big channels through which all passengers, particularly the weak elderly and children, and their luggage of different sizes go, slowing down the speed of customs clearance and tending to result in accidents.

Now: Based on monitoring of passengers by type and port upgrading, each customs clearance hall is provided with special channels for schoolchildren, courtesy passengers, passengers with big luggage and passengers with small luggage or without luggage, really avoiding mutual interference among passengers of different types and making customs clearance safe and quick.


Cooperating with Shenzhen Customs to start the new era of “e-channels for Customs”

As a world-class information system server and smart product supplier, we have been making use of our great technical research strength and 20 years of experience in construction of the customs clearance of ports to provide the following total smart port solution and products meeting the practical need and the trend better and undertake construction of the systems of joint inspection authorities such as border inspection authorities, customs inspection authorities and entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities in most of ports of China and countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Europe and South America. Because of our quality products and considerate services, we are popular among customers.