Maxvision technology: HD storage application in the big data era
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Maxvision technology: HD storage application in the big data era


As a source of massive data in the information era, massive data are generated in security protection related video monitoring. In particular, with quick growth of safe city, intelligent transportation and smart buildings in the recent years, extensive integration and networking has promoted coming of the big data era. There are more are more people knowing well the big data, particularly the massive unstructured video data, in the security protection industry and the rapidly increasing characteristic data (such as junction traffic data, facial image capture data and abnormal behavior data), drawing the attention of more people to the storage, management and analysis of big data.



The security related big data era is mainly characterized by data sharing for purpose of a greater data processing capability. The big data in the security protection industry are mainly monitoring video data which are massive and unstructured. Compared with scientific computing and Internet, the big data obtained in video monitoring are very difficult to be processed. Firstly, video data are more original non-textual and unstructured data that must receive complicated analysis and processing before textual and structured data are extracted for further processing; secondly, video data have a capacity several orders of magnitude larger than the data of other forms and a stricter requirement for transmission, storage and computation.



In video synthesis and retrieval, main technologies related to image processing (such as video synthesis, abstraction and recovery), pattern recognition, clarified storage and retrieval of massive data are used for the analysis and mining of massive original data such as videos, in a bid to form different types of characteristic information databases, metadata and indexes about target characteristics, target behaviors and inter-target association and provide uniform interfaces for retrievals by external applications to realize quick association and locating of cases with help of limited clues.


Maxvision technology: HD storage application in the big data era



The construction of video image information databases is a typical application of junction monitoring and electronic police. Thanks to the increasingly mature license identification technologies, the license plates, colors, appearances, colors, types and other information of vehicles can be identified and the pictures, information and owner information of vehicles and a stolen and robbed vehicle database are integrated, realizing effective search and monitoring of vehicles and clue search for cases. This technology is widely used in our intelligent transportation cases.



After more than two decades of development in the intelligence industry, Maxvision has rich experience in and successful cases about customs port management, intelligent transportation monitoring and smart cities. Based on cloud storage, Maxvision has built a good platform for mining and storing big data and, on this basis, customized feasible smart solutions as expected by customers.